Mobile Hybrid Cross-Plattform App Framework Comparison

If you are going to start a new cross-plattform App project, and you are not completely satisfied with your current solution, you are going to look for a new framework.


  • Runs on your machine (Windows 8/10, OSX, Linux)
  • Uses a language you can use (Java, JavaScript, C, C#, Objective C, …)
  • Has a user interface that feels native
    Many hybrid frameworks just embed a browser giving you a slight but noticeable delay to any user interaction. You dont want that.
  • Is not bug ridden (Maturity; has been around for some time and there are apps that proof it)
  • Is future proof (big community and growing)
  • Scales in case you are planning something bigger
  • Hot (there is a lot talk about it)

Mobile Hybrid Cross-Plattform App Framework Comparison Chart

(thats a mouth full)

Name Type OS Language Target Device Hot Costs
Apache Cordova / PhoneGap, PhoneGap Build Web-based Builder HTML, CSS, JavaScript iOS, Android, Windows, tends to be slow 7 free / premium
Appcelerator Titanium Converter  JavaScript  iOS, Android, Windows 5 39+$ / mo.
Adobe AIR Cross-OS runtime  HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Flex, ActionScript 3
Converter Windows, OSX  C# 3 25+$/mo.
Sencha Touch Web-based tends to be slow 3
Qt („Cute“) Converter  QML (similar to CSS & JavaScript) 3
Ionic Web-based, uses Cordova or Windows (Visual Studio), OSX  HTML Use a build service  2
Mono / MonoSync Converter C, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Phyton, ROR Windows Phone, Linux Mobile, iOS, Symbian, iPad and Android 2
jQuery Mobile Web-based 2

In some Cases, when it comes to hybrid Apps, you will need to combine two technologies:

CSS/JavaScript framework for development

  • jQuery Mobile
  • Sencha Touch
  • Ionic

Build framework for deployment and testing

  • Apache Cordova / PhoneGap (free)
  • Adobe PhoneGap Build (free / premium)
  • ($49/m.)

If you have a Windows PC, and would like to make iPhone apps, your options are:

  • Marmalade SDK
  • Xamarin (needs Mac for build)
  • PhoneGap (needs Mac for sign in and test)
  • Hackintosh (licencing may be an issue)
  • Remote mac service (,,
  • Flash CS 5?
  • Appcelerator Titanium

Written by Ben